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Set of clear aligners resting in an Invisalign® branded case on a blue backgroundInvisalign is an orthodontic tooth straightening treatment plan. The treatment takes up to a year. It's a series of removable plastic liners that straighten your teeth in minor adjustments. They are a popular alternative to metal braces for people who value the discretion and lifestyle flexibility they provide.

Invisalign can straighten crowded teeth, correct bite issues, and close teeth gaps. Invisalign liners or "trays" are not as noticeable as metal brackets and multicolor bands. They fit snugly over your teeth but are fully removable, eating is easier, and your dietary options aren't as limited. One of our dentists at Division Smiles Family Dental would be happy to provide you with a consultation if you are considering Invisalign.

Difference Between Braces and Invisalign

Invisalign treatment allows patients a discrete transition from misaligned teeth to a straightened smile. They involve minimal components. Most of the time only the trays are needed, for some people the trays may have a few brackets and bands attached to the trays.

Brackets and dental cement that are used with braces have been known to leave noticeable decalcification spots when removed from the teeth. The cement can stick to the teeth after the braces are removed. This residue has to be removed later by a dentist if not fully removed by the orthodontist. Invisalign trays are fully removable and require no adhesives to attach to the teeth.

People who wear braces are advised to avoid gum, sticky foods like caramel, and hard foods like apples, anything that can get stuck in the brackets or damage their braces from biting down on. Invisalign trays do not have such dietary restrictions. You can remove the tray before eating and put it back on right after. Invisalign trays can be left on if you are drinking water and clear, sugar-free, nonacidic liquids. The tray should be removed if you will be drinking anything else, to avoid staining and plaque buildup.

Trays may have tiny nodes called buttons. Rubber bands are secured to these buttons. Buttons are necessary with Invisalign treatment for people who have more stubborn teeth. Another unique variant of Invisalign is attachments. They are bonded directly to the tooth. Trays click onto the attachments, and allow more complex movements. The new trays can feel stiff, however, your teeth will adjust to them over time, and then you wear the next tray in your series.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Depending on your Invisalign provider, Invisalign treatment can cost anywhere between $3,000 - $7,000. If you are considering Invisalign, reach out to our team at Division Smiles Family Dental for a consultation. One of our dentists will give you a dental examination to assess your oral health and orthodontic situation. They will determine whether or not you qualify for treatment and share with you the timeline and procedure for Invisalign. Invisalign uses 3D imaging to make your trays instead of impressions. The imaging is used to adjust your new trays the right amount each time and track the progress of your treatment from start to finish.

Throughout your treatment, during each visit, your dentist will give you multiple trays to last until your next appointment. They will give you instructions on how to wear the trays and how to clean them. Typically you will visit your dentist every six to eight weeks during treatment. Call us at (971) 978-0293 to schedule a consultation for Invisalign.
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