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Older white patient sitting in dental chair calmly discussing his oral health with his Black female dentistDental exams look for abnormalities in the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. Dental exams are a common procedure in preventative dentistry. Your dentist looks for early signs of oral cancer, gum recession, tooth decay, and other conditions. Most people only see their dentist when they are in severe pain. The aim of our dentists at Division Smiles Family Dental is to treat, and prevent if possible, any root causes, which can come from dental caries, oral tumors, lesions on the gum, or even chronic diseases such as diabetes and lupus. Any situational factors in your life that may be compromising your oral health will arise during a dental exam. Factors are a general term for lifestyle habits, chronic diseases, and oral habits that can degrade your oral health and affect your overall health. Consider scheduling a dental exam today.

Scheduling a Dental Exam

People's oral health can vary greatly; no overall standard exists for who needs dental exams and when they need them. Dental exams are the most common procedure in preventative dentistry. These exams are necessary for detecting early signs of any oral issue before it develops into a painful expense. During an initial dental exam with a new dentist, they will use information gathered in the examination to determine your overall oral health. The information and overall assessment will help the dentist determine a schedule for checkups, cleanings, and treatments. In other words, how often you should schedule dental exams depends on your overall health, and this will be determined by scheduling a dental exam.

Dental Exam Procedure

The first stage of a dental exam is your medical history intake. The examiner will ask you several questions to build a file on your oral health. You will be asked to offer information regarding your allergies, whether you consume alcohol or smoke, and the medications you are taking. Dentists are required to ask if you have any medical conditions for which you are undergoing treatment. They will ask about any previous dental treatments you've had, surgeries, and your experience with anesthesia.

After your medical history intake, they can begin the examination. The exam thoroughly investigates your teeth, jaw, gums, and supporting structures. X-ray machines are an essential and common tool used by dental practitioners to identify dental abnormalities in a dental exam. The dentist will first take a full mouth x-ray and in future visits will spot check any problem areas. X-rays usually are not required for every dental exam. Exposure to radiation from x-rays is low; however, if you have any concerns about radiation exposure you should consult your dentist.

Oral cancer affects millions of people every year. Dental practices include an oral cancer screening as part of their standard dental exams. Modern dentists are trained to detect early signs of oral cancer, examining the soft tissues in your mouth and the areas surrounding your jaw. Oral problems can be hard to notice without help from a trained dentist. Left untreated, they can develop rapidly into painful and expensive conditions. Division Smiles Family Dental will ensure your oral health is on the right track with regular visits and biannual exams. Schedule an appointment with our office today at (971) 978-0293.
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